Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pre-Holiday shopping trip haul Sunday 20th

Oh yes I did.... I went shopping. This is not all in one go, some of these I got about 3 weeks ago and can therefore give a little more description in application use etc however others I have only just purchased and therefore I need to try them before I can tell you more about them. I visited both Boots and Superdrug and I am sure if you only have 1 of these shops near to you then you can find exclusive products similar to the ones I found in your nearest shop.
So, on to the haul:

Collection Cream Puff Matte lip stains: Fairy Cakes and Cotton candy £2.99
This is a product that's packaging and applicator is similar to your everyday normal lip gloss with a doffer applicator. This makes them super easy to apply which is always a bonus.
The two colours are the only ones that I find to be nice in the range (out of 4). Cotton candy is a natural pinkie shade and Fairy cake is a more coral pink. The other two are not nice especially with my pale skin : a brown and a concealer colour!!
These have a lovely pigmentation and stay around for a long time and the more coats the stronger the colour pay off.
The only down side is they are slightly drying however I have the worlds driest lips and this is solved by a good lip balm under them - which actually makes the apply nicer!
Superdrug Deep Action Pore cleansing nose strips £2.59
Now, don't get all grossed out by we all know pores are a issue for most people and for me the ones on my nose are the worst. I don't have pore issues any where else just on my nose and so I decided to take action and get something to sort them out. These are very inexpensive and I hope they do the jobs. I haven't tried these yet as I am saving them for when I go on holiday so I have nice skin!
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Very Black £4.99
This again in a new product I have only used once, and as a first impression I do like it. It gives nice a nice amount of volume and length with 2/3 coats and has a nice solid colour. I can't really give a full review but I have heard good things so I am excited to continue testing it.

Maybelline Fit me Powder in shade 15 (or 150 I'm not sure) £5.99
This is just something everyone needs when they are going on holiday to somewhere hot - powder! This one I have had for about a week now and it hasn't clogged my pores it has just done its job. Again, I haven't had it long enough to say yahh its amazing or no.

Batiste dry shampoo in Wild £2.99
I love batiste and have never had a bad one, I think that's enough said!
This is a newish fragrance only in Boots and its nice (not my favourite but defiantly one I don't mind smelling!)

Hope you are all having an amazing summer!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

25 random facts about me

Just to let you get to know me a bit better here are 25 completely random facts about me:

1) I have 6 pets: one gorgeous doggy, four ducks and a chicken-duck (she is obviously a normal hen but she thinks she's a duck..)

2) I cannot stand the sound of scratching on paper, it makes me cringe and I just can't deal with it!

3) My favourite colours are coral and teal.

4) I go horse riding every week (have done for seven or eight years) and love it so so much

5) Inside i'm like a 90 year old woman, I much prefer to stay inside in comfy clothes with no make up  watching a film than going out.

6) I get really stressed about cleanliness, not quite to the point of OCD but getting there!!

7) I love learning languages, at the moment I am learning french, spanish and latin. I started french about 10 years ago, spanish last year and latin 4 years ago.

8) I am a cooking freak. I cook/bake loads and am always one for trying new recipes.

9) My favourite dessert is lemon and raspberry sorbet..perfection ♥️

10) My all time favourite film is Matilda (a bit odd I know).

11) I NEVER EVER tan. It is impossible for me, I just burn so I look like a tomato instead.

12) My favourite sound is the sea going in and out on the sand, it's so relaxing and reminds me of so many happy memories.

13) I don't like the number 13...

14) My hair is naturally pretty straight, but usually I wish it was curly.

15) My absolute greatest hate is when people eat with their mouth open.. the sound of eating is bad enough but when I can see into someone's mouth when they're eating it drives me up the wall.

16) I am so pale that most foundations in their lightest.

17) The feature I hate the most about myself is my's like a potato in the middle of my face.

18) When I was really little I used to believe that my bike could fly..

19)  I am extremely lazy with taking nail varnish off, I will just leave it on untill it chips off.

20) Sloths are just fantastic.

21) I really really want a convertible fiat 500 when I learn to drive.

22) I am a huge fan of tinted lip balms as opposed to lipstick in summer.

23) My laptop is on 23% battery so I really need to hurry up.

24) I don't really like cats.. I'm more of a dog person.

25) I have run out of interesting facts..

Hope you enjoyed it!! I really do have to go now!


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Faves :)

Lily's Picks for the month of June


Make up : Mac lipstick in Brave
This is my new found treasure and 'holy grail Lipstick' of my collection. It is a perfect summer nude pink shade and suits my fair skin nicely. It is a satin finish which means it is matte BUT MOISTURISING! I have the worlds driest lips and therefore can't wear matte lipstick as they look patchy and gross so this on is nice alternative.

Cleanser/make up remover: Nivea Micellar Cleansing water
This is a fabulous cleansing water as it is not drying!! I tried the L'Oreal one which didn't get on with my skin at all. It felt stretched and stripped...
However the Nivea one is much more skin friendly and does just a good job of removing any make up- even hard to get off Liquid eye liner.

Hair: Teangi leave in spray conditioner
This is a fairly new discovery but has rapidly become a love in my hair care routine. I bleach my hair and therefore my scalp gets extremely dry and sore, which isn't nice. I use special shampoo once a week with active ingredients that help comate the dryness that is bleach but sometimes my scalp needs a pick me up after a wash and this is that love in a bottle. The tea tree really soothes any itchy patches and has basically healed my scalp in a month! (something I have been trying to do for the past year or so!)

Skin : Grace Cole Peach and Pear body lotion
This is a product I have used every day this month and it did just as it said on the tin (or tube actually). It is a really nice soothing lotion that gave my skin moisture without turning my skin into a grease ball. It sunk in super fast and left a smell that did disappear after about an hour and a half. The lotion does have other products in the range and I would defiantly recommend checking them out.

Nails : Jack wills Coral
This is an amazing summer nail polish. It is that perfect orange pink coral for summer. It does have a tendency to be streaky with just one coat however with 2 or 3 that vanishes and you are left with a strong vibrant colour that doesn't chip straight away. When I wear this I do a coat the night before and then do another one/two in the morning. This just helps lock the colour in place and keep the pigment high.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and you find it useful :)


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Jack Wills Summer clothing haul

So recently I have been doing a bit of shopping...oopsie..
As summer finally seems to be fully on its way here in England, and holidays are coming up I went shopping and got a bit carried away. I was originally going to do just a general summer clothing haul but then i realized it was all from Jack Wills except for one thing which I will put at the end. Anyway I thought I'd show you what I got:

I'm sorry for the horrendous lighting in these photos but this skirt is actually a dark navy blue skater skirt type With a sewn design at the bottom.

Jack Wills Etterby skirt, £34.50

An essential for all wardrobes. Simple denim shorts.

Jack Wills Bilbrook Short, £39.50

Love the colour of this for summer, so comfy too. I love my hoodies. I live in them.

Jack Wills Glendale Zip Through, £54.50

This dress is a nise casual one to relax in, so excited to wear it on holiday - easy to just pop on over a bikini.
Jack Wills Elstow Dress, £34.50

I absolutely fell in love with the pattern on this swimming costume. It is an open back with cross-over straps, gorgeous design!

Jack Wills Margate Swimsuit, £39.50 

The only thing not from Jack Wills! (I swear this isn't sponsored by Jack Wills!!) My Vans are my pride and joy..They are from the limited edition The Beetles range and as I love the Beetles these shoes are perfect for me!

Vans Authentic The Beetles All You Need Is Love, £51.99,21/2482792258

I hope you liked it! Please leave a comment to let us know if you would like a summer lookbook (or any other requests)
Thank you, have a good week <3


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Best of... Drugstore Everyday Lipsticks

So, this is my first post and so I thought you could get to know me through my  everyday lipstick choice!
I am quite a drugstore junkie... which can be an issue for my bank, but is great for you as I have lots of suggestions for some great affordable bits and bobs!
As with many, lipsticks (or lip products in general) are my guilty pleasure, so here are my favourite affordable options:


From Left to right :
Vintage Pink, Latino, Pink Hurricane
Choco Cream and Coral Shimmer
I am not one who can wear a bright pink to go to the supermarket... however I do like a good, everyday colour which is not to 'in your face'!
The first two are from Rimmel from the moisture renew range. I have both the old and the new formula and I have to say I can defiantly see an improvement! They are even more buttery and pigmented. I have the shade 'Vintage Pink' and 'Latino'.
Vintage Pink is a dusky deep rosy shade with purple undertones. This is one that I love for a slightly deeper colour. It is just a bit darker than my natural lip and is there for a fantastic colour!
Latino is a fairly bright pink with very fine shimmer. This is nothing huge it is more of a sheen. This is great for summer as it is bright enough to show and brighten up your skin tone without making your lips look like a nail polish colour!

I then have two from the Maybelline colour sensational range. I love this formula as it is super creamy and yet still nicely long wearing. The packaging of these are fantastic as they allow you to know the colour without having to see the bottom of the tube! I like the shades 'Pink Hurricane' and 'Choco Cream'.
Pink Hurricane is a raspberry red colour with a slight sheen. This sounds quite scary but it is basically my lip colour just with that sheen. It is super creamy which means it doesn't dry your lips out and yet the pigmentation is not effected by the formula.
Choco Cream is a nude with a slight pinky brown undertone. This lipstick has no sheen but it does have a stain finish. This makes it moisturising and creamy! I find this lipstick really complements my fair skin tone and looks even more fantastic with a coral lip gloss on top.

My last choice is lipstick that cost a whole £1.99!! The natural collection has a fab range of products, some slightly off the mark but others that are real gems. I only have one shade 'Coral Shimmer'.  The formula is not quite up with the new Rimmel lipstick but it nice. The lipstick isn't as long wearing either but the colours are lovely and having to reapply is worth the colour!
Coral Shimmer is a (guess the shade type!) :p coral shimmery colour. The sheen in the lipstick is a fantastic colour. It is a very sophisticated coral, not bright orange but a beautiful red/pink coral.

I hope you like these suggestions as they are my favourite everyday drugstore shades. I will do a post in 2 weeks about my favourite out there colours for when you need a pick me up!!
Keep reading for further posts,
Love you all


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Welcome to Lillia

Well hello there internet people of far, far away, how do you do?
*we say that but if we're honest we're probably just talking to ourselves..
Welcome to our blog Lillia! In case you were wondering, we are two teenage girls who live in England and have a slight obsession with reading blogs and watching youtube so we thought why not?! So here we are, creating a little baby blog. If you are interested or like what you see, you are already amazing and we hope to create something half decent for you to enjoy!

A little warning...we are a bit crazy so join the madness and enjoy the blog!

We will probably each do a post every two weeks so there will be one up every week but we will alternate who writes them. We have plenty of ideas so if someone out there has found us in the massive black hole of internet then thank you so much and please stick with us <3